The End of the Archive

Oh good, you're still here, like the ending to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".  Is this all the FnP 'toons I have?  No.  There are an assortment of character studies—tough guy poses—and bits of them doing nothing in particular in sketch pads buried deep in boxes. That stuff isn't telling anything we don't already know about them so there was no reason to include them.  Might be great for an ultimate collector's edition, but I'd have to have enough requests for it to make it worth my while to go back through all my pads and loose-leaves looking for odds and ends.

This was very fun to put together.  I had a blast remembering the old times back in the day when I was drawing this stuff.  Feels like I got reacquainted.  It's interesting to review them now in my 40’s.  There is one thing I did notice other than the overabundance of strippers, and that is "That Thing about Peckerhead and All the Women."
It was my intent that he was always going to be the lady's man.  However, I never drew any cartoons to show that.  Allow me to tally the ladies:
Fred has had a few girlfriends: Nikki, Roxanna, Nancy, and Alanis Morissette—they went out for like four days.  He has also had: one elf babe, the Turbo Lover girl, the librarian, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, one or both of the Cold Lake strippers (by intent), Sandra Scream, Gwenn Stefani, and a drunk chick. So that adds up to 13, or 14.
Peckerhead has had: an elf babe, two girls at the bar, Mariah Carey, Savannah, Cindy Crawford, a girl on the couch, two cops (by intent), and one or both of the Cold Lake strippers (by intent).  That's 10 or 11.
I don't know what to say!  I'm shocked!  Fred's a player.

I will no longer be doing any "Fred 'n' Peckerhead" 'toons.  (At least, that was the plan . . . I seemed to have changed my mind. --PS Cargile, 10/01/10.)  But I might be doing from time to time, "Fred 'n' Peckowski."   There are plenty of observations to make and things to say about life, love, and work through the eyes of an older Fred and Peckowski.  Why use the last name instead of the nick-name?  At some point a man can't allow himself to be called Peckerhead and retain any dignity.  As we have grown older and more conservative, it time for some cleaner 'toons.
Here's one below.

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