'Though this one is not dated, I know it comes screaming at us from 1995.
The paper matches the paper from other dated sources, of which there aren't very many for this year.

Did someone piss on the wall?
Very likely.

But not much.

At Mikey's Pizza and Pussy Parlor

In fact, all the 'toons for this year where done in lovely Grande Centre, Alberta Canada near Cold Lake.

The Canucks do things a bit different with their strippers.  The girls do a tour and come your place of business if you are interested in hosting them.  "Mikey's Pizza" was just such a place.  "This is like Chuck E. Cheese, but just for Daddy, kids."
There were no garters to slip paper money into.  No.  You tossed them.  And the Canadian $1 "gooney" coin is not a small chunk of metal.
And no, there were no real teddy bears in the cordoned off area.  And yes that is a portrayal of a real stripper.  And no, the nipples are not exaggerated for effect.
Well, maybe a little. They were quite lengthy.

What the well endowed exotic entertainer is recounting is an actual event, historically documented in this prestigious 'toon.
Of course, Fred and Peckerhead wasn't really there.  They are fictitious characters. haha
And I wasn't talking to the strippers either.  But man, it wouldn't have bothered me if I had.

Kaotic Shithole

Club Kaos.
Packed nightly with young, very young—not just barely legal, but barely legal to drive—girls.

I never took the time to complete the inking.  I need a staff.  I do like the crafty way I split the 'toon in half by what Fred is thinking and by what Peckerhead is saying and using the table to mark the invisible border of the panels.  It looks open, but there is that divide.
I know.  Go ahead and say it. I'm a fuckin' genius.