1993 . . . and the Great Kat

Let's start 1993 off with the Great Kat—whose awesome speed metal is not on Pandora Radio (the bitches!).
I have no idea what happened to 1992, maybe some of the undated 'toons are from that year, but 1993 was a busy year for the dudes.
We meet Nancy Lovejoy, and are treated to "Toppless (sic) Pizza Delivery".  Plus there were sketchbook 'toons that didn't get circulated around the AMU, so maybe you'll see something new.

Ah, the Great Kat.  You know, I've been a bad boy and need to be punished.
I'll leave it at that.

 Of course, "Toppless Pizza Delivery" is its own page, because it is just so awesome. 

The Great Kat Thing that Happened

These two parts exist on the same page.  I have no idea where I was going with the story.  The idea to fool around with Kat—ahem, the Great Kat—was fun in itself.

 Got that far, and ran out of steam.  Like a great many projects throughout the 1990s, I had a lot of good starts before getting bored and never finishing.  Well at least I got to draw the Great Kat in her gear, as if I couldn't draw her anytime I wanted.  But given the size of her pictures on her website, I have no need to.


Ah Metallica.  One of my all time favorite bands even though I didn't support their lavish lifestyles on a few releases over the last several years.  Death Magnetic is pretty damned good though.  This was at the time when James got burned from pyros when they were on tour with Guns 'n Roses. Shakey the Pyrotechnician.  When is that a good idea?

I officially changed Peckerhead's name from Wallace Smith to Woodrow Peckowski.  You know, to keep with the whole woodpecker, Peckerhead thing that I got going on and shit.

Although I write "Metallica used without permission. Sue me.",  it must be understood that this was way before Napster.  I do not want to get sued.  But hey, they are in a fucking Fred 'n' and Peckerhead 'toon so they should be happy.  I'd gladly give them a photocopy.

CAUTION:  The next 'toon is extremely pornographic and may make you hard.

in "The Bitchin' Mariah Cary Thing They Got Goin' On"

Hey, she was hot back in the day.  Who didn't stroke to that ?

As interactive as the 'toon was, no one decided.  My fans, I swear.
Rhonda Shear.  My god.  She must be a cougar's cougar by now.
Not to worry.  I promise not to draw Mariah Carey or Rhonda Shear as they are today getting fucked by FnP.

I can't recall exactly where I had first seen Rhonda Shear.

Day at the Beach

I don't have to explain this do I?


I do believe this is the genesis of Nancy Lovejoy.  If I created her prior to this, that 'toon is gone.  We have a remark about Zima, an alcoholic beverage which was hyped the fuck up and turned out to be clear lemonade or some such.  And I had ideas of FnP being in a band called PAIN, which went absolutely nowhere.
I wonder?  Did my drinking have anything to do with not following through?

Nancy Lovejoy

She just walked by him, saw him, and yanked his ass out of the chair.  Isn't that how we all want to meet women?
Volumes could be written about Nancy, but I prefer to draw her.  If you are thinking Sid (Vicious) and Nancy, you're on the money.  If you don't know who Sid Vicious was, we don't live on the same plane of reality.

From here on, there is sort of a complete Fred and Nancy arc.
Sort of. . .

CAUTION: Another highly graphic bit of pornography follows.  As well it should.

Hey! HEY! Down here.  You done you dirty bastard?
 This 'toon sets a precedent and tone for their relationship.

I don't think "passive" is the right word I was looking for.  "Too big of a pussy" is what I was thinking.  Passive is what a dominatrix wants, at least that is what I've gleaned from the pictures I've found.

There's nothing like a man curled up on the filthy, piss smelling floor of a bar's men's room laughing his ass off.

It is something I hope I never, ever fucking see.
And I have to apologize for the following.  Be warned.

This is, in no way shape or form, or in any culture except maybe the Middle East, funny.  If you so much as snicker, you are a sick fuck who needs help, or his ass kicked by a mob of enraged bikers.


I have no idea what brought this on.  Maybe frustrations with the 1st wife, I don't know.

This 'toon was actually confiscated with a sketchbook of other art from the 335th breakroom table by MSgt. White.  MSgt. Purser pulled my ass out the fire on that on.  On hindsight, maybe he should have let me burn.  Would have taught me a lesson.  But God protects fools and I sure was a fool.

I would have omitted this piece of shit but it would have left next 'toon without context.

Besides, it's really just Hollywood magic.  Nancy wasn't harmed in any way.  That's fake blood and a foam bottle.  Scout' honor.  Honest Injun.

And here the Nancy arc sort of ends.  Okay, yeah, you had a good part.  Doing what? I don't fuckin' know.

"Basement of My Soul"

Oo. Spooky song there Fred. Why do you not cut the excess string from the tuning posts you dork?  What kind of little dick microphone is that?

I must admit, that's some pretty damn good artwork on those fishnets.  They are difficult to draw without a picture, or God forbid, an actual model.  I guess I could just buy a pair for myself and pose in the mirror, but I don't think anyone coming across that chance discovery would understand my dedication to draw perfectly each strand as they curve along the shape of the legs.  It has to be right.

Roxanna and Savannah

And you know what?  I've never seen a Savannah porn flick.  I do know that she is no longer alive.  I didn't do a lot of colored 'toons.  Only this one, another, and the mentioned "The Great American Babe Collection Part II", which is nothing but porn and will not be included in this archive.  It deserves its own document, and its several pages long.  Another request for reader participation that was never answered.

While Standing in Line for a Beer

 This appears to be the beginning of more serial style stories that really never took off.  I had a lot of ideas and no patience to draw them all out.  There was no continuation of this arc.  The Great American Babe Collection: II followed this.

The Sharon and Cindy Thing that Didn't Work Out

This one obviously got marred, from an old battery I think given the brown color of the stains.  The drawing on these are a poor as if I were in a rush to get it done.  This one's a yawner.

She's Back!

As was alluded to in the above Roxanna and Savannah 'toon, Nancy returns to kick ass.  Every one's ass.
The obvious fuck up on my part is that she is riding a motorcycle—or a scoot as they like to call 'em—while wearing a miniskirt and fishnets.  I don't see this as being realistic attire, but I wasn't thinking about shit like that when I drew this.  As if she wouldn't look hot in a pair of tight leather pants.
Excuse me. I've  got to get a pencil.  I'll be right back . . .

Man, is Peckerhead annoyed or what?
Uh, no.  The questions won't be answered.  Sorry.

Battle of the Biker Bitches

Aw man, there's a lot of white space under those panels. For fuckin' shame.  I should be taken out back and beaten.  Or at least taken down into the dungeon and beaten.  One or the other.
I was drawing these 'toons in Saudi on one of those never-ending three month deployments.
Looks there was gonna be a fight.

Looks like we ain't never gonna see it.

Don't know what ever happened to Roxanna.

Merry Chri . . . eh, forget about it

This ends 1993, it being a Christmas 'toon and all.

That thing in the lower right panel is a LAN line phone, for those of you too young to recall such archic technology.  Even though there were letters on the numbers like normal cell phones, you couldn’t text with them. 

I don't think the continuing parts of this 'toon were done at all.  It may seem like the one above in the undated section is the second part, but then what about this chick here that Peckerhead is liplocking?  I wouldn't get rid of her.

I think I was deciding that the whole Santa Claus thing was a stupid fuckin' idea.

Somewhere, someone has a couch that looks just like that.