I don't know if I wasn't drawing a lot of FnP, but 1991 doesn't have a lot of surviving 'toons.  Hell most of that year was spent in Saudi Arabia.

I swear these guys are nuts.  Turning their tub into a piss trough.  Did I ever do that?

Boredom Blues

This was done in SWA.  I remember the stationary.  One of the few times I've drawn Fred with a cigarette. And he has a tattoo, that must have washed off because I never drew it again. The things you get in cereal boxes.

By now you're probably wondering what the deal is with Peckerhead.  What's up with his name?  And what the hell is that on his hat?
Peckerhead was inspired by my trip to the Philippines in 1989.  The character was going to be a woodpecker in a 'toon of animal characters that explored his exploits in and around Angles City.  I realized that I didn't give two good shits about drawing fucking animals and turned the character into a friend of Fred's.  The woodpecker motive was carried over as a design on his hat.  It's really meaningless beyond its genesis.  One running back story had Peckerhead meeting Fred in high school where he was nerd who liked to bird watch.  Being picked on, he admired Fred's rebellious give-a-shit-less antisocial attitude and started listening to metal and growing his hair out.  Sounds like a nice story, but it's not written in stone.
Both characters' past remain a blank page.

BREW-HA The Beer with Balls

Gee, that guy looks uncannily like Scott Vancel.  How'd that happen?  How prescient I was back in the day.
Not exactly an FnP 'toon, but this one and the next where included in a mini-graphic novella that I created in the Gulf War called "The Great American Babe Collection."  That long 'toon is probably in a box mingling with an assortment of other drawings.  I know I have the pages so if I find them I'll add 'em to this document.

I can't lay claim to the name Brew-Ha.  I had heard someone else refer to beer as that.  It's a fitting name as brew often leads to brouhahas.

And hey kids, Brew-Ha now comes in ex-oil tankers for your beach party.  Drink up.  But save your shinny pennies for a new liver.

And can you believe the innuendo with the foaming beer bottle and pool balls?  Sick.

Aim High

A recruiting poster you would never actually see for its startling truth.

Speaks for itself.

Brew-Ha. It's as good as it lasts.

This was drawn on a large sheet of paper in a pad I bought from an art shop in a mall in Riyadh.  That place had everything.
Jeff "Z-man" Zastawny suggested the neighborhood kids.  Hell, he and Andre where practically Fred 'n' Peckerhead, but with shorter, darker hair, and a dislike for sharing women.  Well, one of them didn't have a problem with that.  And thus ended a friendship.
I almost dated Linda before Z-man, but I didn't fuck her one night when she got hot and heavy on me—I didn't want to explain the outbreak of psoriasis in that area (a problem that kept that rascal put away).  So she said I had an emotional problem (which I did) and didn't want anything to do me.
So I proved her correct by mixing a tape of "wounded animal" "fuck you bitch" songs on a real shitty cassette.  She liked it until she figured it out. hehe.

I think they ate that dog too.  Not Z-man and Andre, Fred 'n' Peckerhead.

And so ends 1991.