Boredom Blues

This was done in SWA.  I remember the stationary.  One of the few times I've drawn Fred with a cigarette. And he has a tattoo, that must have washed off because I never drew it again. The things you get in cereal boxes.

By now you're probably wondering what the deal is with Peckerhead.  What's up with his name?  And what the hell is that on his hat?
Peckerhead was inspired by my trip to the Philippines in 1989.  The character was going to be a woodpecker in a 'toon of animal characters that explored his exploits in and around Angles City.  I realized that I didn't give two good shits about drawing fucking animals and turned the character into a friend of Fred's.  The woodpecker motive was carried over as a design on his hat.  It's really meaningless beyond its genesis.  One running back story had Peckerhead meeting Fred in high school where he was nerd who liked to bird watch.  Being picked on, he admired Fred's rebellious give-a-shit-less antisocial attitude and started listening to metal and growing his hair out.  Sounds like a nice story, but it's not written in stone.
Both characters' past remain a blank page.

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