COPS : Babes on Patrol

      This unfinished 2 and a third pages is the only dated 'toon from 1994.

 I really like this layout with a diminished title block off-center in the body of the page.  Beer bottles are everywhere.  Once you fill up the garbage can, there's no where else to put them. 

We had librarian fetish earlier, so this time it's cop fetish.
I don't know if I could sleep through gun fire so close to my head.  But Fred is a marvel to behold.
And really, the only thing that Peckerhead has going for him is a benevolent creator.

And that's that.  Doing this I've noticed a pattern:  when it comes time to draw the sex scene, I quit, with the exception of some.
There is no doubt that poor Peckerhead would be subjected to humiliating sexual harassment from grossly misconductive female law enforcement officers.  Shit, they might be suspended without pay for a couple of hours.