The Movie


Well, no, there was never a movie. Would be cool though, would be cool . . .
Obviously I shit-canned the new look.  There is only one look for Fred 'n' Peckerhead.

That real stripper Kat had a lock of bleached hair that I've used from time to time.  Hmm, that might explain my strange attraction to Stacy London.
Oh, come on! "What Not to Wear".  The show where they take plain Janes and turn 'em into hotties.

Fred continues to be completely oblivious to offending women with his T-shirts.

Top 40

Exploring Fred with some facial hair.
One of the things I notice around the local bar and grills in the neighboring community college town is that some old songs are played in these venues. "Top 40s" is so 80s.  I guess now they just call those songs "old".
Not much of a 'toon, but there it is.

In For Good

An idea to get the 'toon back rolling.
Fred doesn't look too happy there.
Maybe because he's been officially conquered by Nancy.  There's no getting out of it now Fred.  Once you are in you are in for good—to paraphrase a lyric from a David Gilmour song.

. . . w/ Ozzy

Wanted to revisit the Metallica/Rob Halford/Great Kat/Morissette theme.
Ozzy wasn't too happy about this little surprise.  Sharon chased us off with a stick.


Blitzkrieg, lipskreig.
I don't know.

It's hard to hang a 'toon on an invented word.

New Stylin'

Just trying some new looks for the ass-kickers and name-takers.

I really like the style of this.  Updated, yet retains enough of the classic look.

No idea who the woman is or what she is supposed to be, but she may have a good reason to look concerned.
She should be safe though.  There are no peeled beer bottle labels around.

Oh look! Peckerhead found a stripper.  What are the odds?  She's the last one. I swear.

I like her "Come play" smile, but his expression seems to suggest—oh, I don't know, maybe she farted?
The chair squeaked. That's it.  Just sounded like a fart, wasn't a real one.