"They" Stole Your Idea

Yes, I know. I damn well know the uncanny similarities between my characters and other characters on television and movies during 1989 and the 1990s. All too aware, no need to bring it to my attention.
I have no idea when Mike Meyers and Mike Judge envisioned their iconic characters of “Wayne and Garth” and “Beavis and Butthead”. All I can say is that I created “Fred and Peckerhead” in 1989 while unaware of the “Saturday Night Live” characters or format. It’s not that SNL was not available to me while I was in the Air Force stationed in Okinawa Japan. It’s just that my Friday and Saturday nights were spent getting very, very drunk in the bars down B. C. Street, or at A-Signs down Gate 2 Street. (Via the internet I learned the horrible fact that B. C. Street cleaned up its act. It’s family friendly now. I wonder what happened to Whisper Alley?)
So anyway, one day Airman Jim Leavitt (a character in his own right) informed me that “they” stole my idea. “They” who? What idea? So he told me, and I finally was able to catch an episode of SNL that happened to play the Wayne’s World skit. Okay, not bad. Not exactly what I do, but good. Funny. I believe Stephen Tyler was guest starring. Never-the-less, I kept on keeping on.
Then I got stationed to Seymour Johnson (which I liked to call See More Johnson because of all the occupational rape we received) Air Force Base in Goldsboro NC in 1990. Yeah, Golds-fuckin-boro NC. At least they had two tit pits, Teasers, and whatever the hell that other one was.
I got the news again. Airman Berran Caldwell. “They” stole your idea. “They” who? What idea? So I tuned into Beavis and Butthead. Butthead? Very close there Mr. Judge. But given television, I can understand why “Peckerhead” might not be a good idea. Funny show. I particularly liked the episode where they are forbidden to laugh, and when they roll down the hill in the tractor tire.
Given these similarities, how am I different? Well, let’s see, first and foremost I’m a metalhead. I love the music. Even though I’m in my 40s, it’s my preferred choice. Second, because I love the music, I don’t mock it, or the people that love it. Third, Fred and Peckerhead are not idiots. They aren’t dolts, imbeciles, or, morons, or any of that shit. And let’s be perfectly honest here. Who the hell would want to party with Wayne and Garth or Beavis and Butthead? But Fred and Peckerhead . . . well, they do drink beer and get laid, don’t they?

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