. . . Get Jobs

Though not dated, I know this reigns from

I was out of the Air Force and blowing my severance pay on bills and redistributing the bills in my wallet to those less fortunate—and I mean girls so broke they didn't have a lot of clothes.  Poor things.
I thought it was time for the dudes to get jobs, and hey what a brilliant idea!  They could work at a strip club!
Boy this song is getting old.  Strippers again?  Is there anything else?
Maybe not.

Fred's shirt:  That's a dis on the old Geo commercials that S. Roycroft used to poke fun of.
Horrible drawing.  They look stupid as all get out.

Oh look at all these wonderful play on words.
"Catskills."  Cat, synonymous with "pussy."  Wow.  "We take the 'gentle' out of men."  Cool.
"The scummy tit pit that won't let you down."  In other words, you won't lose your erection. *gun to head, BANG*

Let's have fun.

This is the only page that got drawn for this wonderful, groundbreaking idea of mine to let the dudes work in a gentlemen's club.
Strange enough, I was in Knoxville visiting S. Vancel when he was looking for a DJ job in strip clubs.  I thought of this.
I don't know, but I think the owner of Catskills is probably into illegal entrepreneurship as well.

The owner says,
"You punks are very fuckin' lucky to catch me at an disadvantage.  Fred, I'll give you a trial run, I've seen you fucks bang yer heads more than tip my girls so I think you know what I except from a DJ.  As far as you go Peckerhead, I do need an errand boy."

Some of the esteemed and colorful workers of Catskills.  I'd stay away from all of them.  Really.
Gee?  Whatever is it that these girls do?  I do recall drawing more of them but someone's children found them and scribbled over them.  Fucking kids.