BREW-HA The Beer with Balls

Gee, that guy looks uncannily like Scott Vancel.  How'd that happen?  How prescient I was back in the day.
Not exactly an FnP 'toon, but this one and the next where included in a mini-graphic novella that I created in the Gulf War called "The Great American Babe Collection."  That long 'toon is probably in a box mingling with an assortment of other drawings.  I know I have the pages so if I find them I'll add 'em to this document.

I can't lay claim to the name Brew-Ha.  I had heard someone else refer to beer as that.  It's a fitting name as brew often leads to brouhahas.

And hey kids, Brew-Ha now comes in ex-oil tankers for your beach party.  Drink up.  But save your shinny pennies for a new liver.

And can you believe the innuendo with the foaming beer bottle and pool balls?  Sick.

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