1993 . . . and the Great Kat

Let's start 1993 off with the Great Kat—whose awesome speed metal is not on Pandora Radio (the bitches!).
I have no idea what happened to 1992, maybe some of the undated 'toons are from that year, but 1993 was a busy year for the dudes.
We meet Nancy Lovejoy, and are treated to "Toppless (sic) Pizza Delivery".  Plus there were sketchbook 'toons that didn't get circulated around the AMU, so maybe you'll see something new.

Ah, the Great Kat.  You know, I've been a bad boy and need to be punished.
I'll leave it at that.

 Of course, "Toppless Pizza Delivery" is its own page, because it is just so awesome. 

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