Ah Metallica.  One of my all time favorite bands even though I didn't support their lavish lifestyles on a few releases over the last several years.  Death Magnetic is pretty damned good though.  This was at the time when James got burned from pyros when they were on tour with Guns 'n Roses. Shakey the Pyrotechnician.  When is that a good idea?

I officially changed Peckerhead's name from Wallace Smith to Woodrow Peckowski.  You know, to keep with the whole woodpecker, Peckerhead thing that I got going on and shit.

Although I write "Metallica used without permission. Sue me.",  it must be understood that this was way before Napster.  I do not want to get sued.  But hey, they are in a fucking Fred 'n' and Peckerhead 'toon so they should be happy.  I'd gladly give them a photocopy.

CAUTION:  The next 'toon is extremely pornographic and may make you hard.

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