Nancy Lovejoy

She just walked by him, saw him, and yanked his ass out of the chair.  Isn't that how we all want to meet women?
Volumes could be written about Nancy, but I prefer to draw her.  If you are thinking Sid (Vicious) and Nancy, you're on the money.  If you don't know who Sid Vicious was, we don't live on the same plane of reality.

From here on, there is sort of a complete Fred and Nancy arc.
Sort of. . .

CAUTION: Another highly graphic bit of pornography follows.  As well it should.

Hey! HEY! Down here.  You done you dirty bastard?
 This 'toon sets a precedent and tone for their relationship.

I don't think "passive" is the right word I was looking for.  "Too big of a pussy" is what I was thinking.  Passive is what a dominatrix wants, at least that is what I've gleaned from the pictures I've found.

There's nothing like a man curled up on the filthy, piss smelling floor of a bar's men's room laughing his ass off.

It is something I hope I never, ever fucking see.
And I have to apologize for the following.  Be warned.

This is, in no way shape or form, or in any culture except maybe the Middle East, funny.  If you so much as snicker, you are a sick fuck who needs help, or his ass kicked by a mob of enraged bikers.


I have no idea what brought this on.  Maybe frustrations with the 1st wife, I don't know.

This 'toon was actually confiscated with a sketchbook of other art from the 335th breakroom table by MSgt. White.  MSgt. Purser pulled my ass out the fire on that on.  On hindsight, maybe he should have let me burn.  Would have taught me a lesson.  But God protects fools and I sure was a fool.

I would have omitted this piece of shit but it would have left next 'toon without context.

Besides, it's really just Hollywood magic.  Nancy wasn't harmed in any way.  That's fake blood and a foam bottle.  Scout' honor.  Honest Injun.

And here the Nancy arc sort of ends.  Okay, yeah, you had a good part.  Doing what? I don't fuckin' know.

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