. . . with strippers

Honey . . .Ah, now I recall.  The character was Honey Moon, the woman from Meet the Neighbor who was banging on their door.

This young woman hanging on the dudes is not Honey Moon, this is an actual person, stage persona: Kat.
It was a boring Wednesday summer  evening when I went to Teasers on HWY 117 in sunny, gorgeous Goldsboro North Cakeelakee.  I sat at a table nursing an Ice House when she comes out of the back, approaches the table and asks if I want a private dance.  Having little to do and because I was practically the only one in there, I said "Yeah."  This surprised her because she was excepting the usual round of rejections.
Nice gal.  We hit it off pretty well. I disclosed my artistic nature, asked her a couple of questions about stripper life. She asked if I could draw a caricature of her, so I did and got a lap dance in trade for it.  She was seeing someone and I was still officially married for some reason or another.
Honestly, I can't recall one dance she did.  I remember the conversation the most, and the time she bent over the bar to talk to someone.  All I saw was ass and long legs.  I think I cried a little inside.  I have strip joints figured out.  It's not about sex.  It's about desire.  The men who go want to be desired, and the girls that work there want to be desired.  Being told "I love you," is great, but once in a while we all want to hear, "I think you're sexy," too.

Can't remember where this was going.  But I had it planned out.  It was probably something that sucked so I quit.
Hey! I know what!  I'll draw some more strippers!  That'll be bitchin' awesome dude!

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