Renegotiate Their Bitchin' Contracts

This is one of my favorites because I'm in it.  I don't get to be in my 'toons very often, so it's always a treat.  This harkens back to an old idea that what happened in the 'toons was a bit of fiction inside the fiction and that Fred and Peckerhead were actors of a sort.  One of the lost 'toons was that they were late to the set and shooting.  The lawn chairs were empty and a boom mike was showing, and there was a fat man in a headset with a clipboard angry and shouting because they were late.  Very odd thing to do in a cartoon.   Escher did the same kind of stuff in his fucked up art.

Yes.  That is what I looked pretty much looked like in 1999.  Ron Moore stole my look.  It's a good look.  we both wear it well.

The dudes were a little upset with the way the 'toon was going, and I couldn't help but to agree.  Something had to be done to liven things up a bit.

Well, technically you had a tat in 91, so shut up.

Great self reference back to older 'toons.  In case you were scrolling through just for the fuck of it, the 'toons in question are a few pages up.  Some people have a strange aversion to starting at the top and flip (or scroll) through to the middle.  If you are one of these people, I hate you.

Yes.  Bigger tits. Sure does reflect this time and age of breast implants, which I think look horrible and malformed.  Breast implants and collagen lips say one thing, "I have no self-esteem."  It's a great way to attract men that will treat you like shit, thus ensuring the continuation of the vicious circle.

The "HERE!" at the bottom was to replace the misspelling in the last panel, through the magic of digit editing.

And for some reason this page is landscape. *shrug*
I'm laying down the law on the itty bitty titty committee.  But honestly, Fred and Peckerhead are members of the Cartoon Character's Union that is constantly busting my ass over every little infraction.  So in the end, they usually win all negotiations.
So I said, "Fuck 'em" and didn't ink the last three panels.
That'll teach 'em. 

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