Nancy . . . stripper?

This little story was done in while TDY to Eglin AFB.  There are a few more 'toons from this year.

Nancy was never figured in to be a stripper.  This is one of those rare moments when she is.

     Hey look!  That's me at the end of the stage in the bandanna.  You know what's cool.  I can always see Nancy naked.  Any time I want. hehe
This 'toon is revisiting the theme that Nancy wants to smash guts with ol' Peckerhead, gut he ain't having nuthin to do with that jazz.
I like the bit about the quarters up the ass.  That made me chuckle when writing it. 
There may have been a third, partially completed page, but it's gone.  I don't even know where this story was going.

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