Hey You! Bored?

Another story arc that died as a one pager.
Hard to read so allow me:
P: ". . . and so this guy's climbin' up on top of the amp and it's
rockin' back and forth. . .!"           
Slut: "Uh-huh."
P: ". . .and he gets up there and BAM!  The fucker falls over, ripping out the co-axes and then you know, no right channel and the crowd goes wild and pulls him off the stage and BEATS the shit out of him!"
S: "My God!"
F: "I'm gonna go throw up now."
P: "O-kay."

F: "What's this?"
Then get your ass down to
231 West St.
Down the alley
look for
"The Door."

Can't recall what that was going to be about, but it probably would have had something to do with hot babes and sex.  Gee, what a pattern.
That concludes the Undated 'Toons.

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