Intro and Warning

the Selected Archives of the Finished and Unfinished 'Toons
some never before seen.
So throw on some 80's hair metal, grab a beer or fifteen, and sit back and enjoy.

This document contains ADULT MATERIAL, including profanity, sexual situations, and graphic nudity.
If these things offend you, you only have yourself to blame for continuing.
Okay, cartoon nudity, but still.

There's no real good way to organize these cartoons in chronological order. I thought I could do it by year, but the newest year is presented first. There's no Oldest First option for the body of the blog, so I have to LIE! AND DECEIVE! So I offer this key: 

September = The Undated Years
August = 1991
July = 1993
June = 1994
May = 1995
April = 1996
March = 1997
February = 1998
January = 1999

December = 2000 - 2009

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